Aul Bros. Tool & Die started in 1937 by brothers George & Edward Aul as a “Forging Die” manufacturer. The company got into Waterpump Impeller / Backplate stamping in 1968 & by the mid-80’s got out of the Forge Die business. Today, Aul Bros is a Stamping facility that serves as a Global supplier.


Our main product is Waterpump Impellers, Backplates, & Raceway Plates. Aul Bros has been making Waterpump parts since 1968 & have placed well over 100 million Impellers in the field. Aul Bros provides Waterpump stampings for Aftermarket, Official Replacement, and OEM Pumps. We also supply stamped parts for Transmissions, Cabinets, Aviation fasteners, moveable wall trolleys, & other Automotive stampings. Aul Bros provides Waterpump Impellers & Backplates for all major Automotive brands, Diesel Trucks, Military vehicles, Refridgeration units, Generators, Tractors, Marine engines, etc.

Quality Certifications:

Aul Bros is current with the ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Standard.

Reliable Delivery & Inventory:

Aul Bros currently warehouses over 900,000 Backplates & Impellers. This means that over 90% of our product can be shipped within 24 hrs of purchase.

Die Design & Building:

Aul Bros builds, maintains it’s own Dies in our Die Shop.

Aul Bros has the capabilities to design the Dies to mfg your parts.


Aul Bros has Stamping Presses that range from 40 Tons – 240 Tons.


Aul Bros is centrally located 40 miles north of Indianapolis, just 5 minutes east of Interstate 69.